Internet Backup


IBackup Professional  v.7.1.4

Online Backup with higher security and higher retention .IBackup Professional is a reliable online backup and restore application. It safeguards your critical data against any eventuality, by automatically backing it up.

RBak  v.6.8.10

arBAK- Simple, Secure, Encrypted rBAK is an easy to use Internet-based data backup service.


Backupture  v.1.0.8

Backupture is useful backup program for any user offering the ability to continually back up files, which can be configured to backup your files and folders, or only certain types of files like music, movies, etc.

IDrive  v.3. 4. 2001

This program is a secure backup and restore utility. IDrive can make the automatic backup of files and folders on your computer and also can be scheduled for backups, when your system is idle.

Backer  v.6 8

Synchronize, transfer, backup and archive your directories and files by disks like floppy disk, Zip, Jaz and CD-R(W), network, another hard disk, cable, infrared (IR) or Internet. Backer keeps all your computers and disks up to date.

SecureNet Data Storage  v.9 4

Automatically back up your files to secure, off-site data vault. Easy recovery. With SecureNet Data Storage, your computer will automatically encrypt and compress your data while you sleep, or at whatever time you desire.

AhsayOBS  v.

Ahsay Online Backup Software is a brandable program that can automate your daily backup process or provide online backup services for clients to earn recurring income by leveraging on existing hardware.

Backblaze  v.

With half of the founding team heralding from Apple, Backblaze is deeply committed to the Mac platform.

MobiMonster (Symbian)  v.1.0.0

MobiMonster enables your smartphone to assist you in travel reservations, access all major flight schedules & delays, translate text, backup phone data to our secure servers, share photos, videos, access work files, store private data on phone,

Syncrify  v.2.1 Build 420

Syncrify is fast, incremental, and cloud-ready backup that implements the rsync protocol over HTTP, it offers remote backup. Many competing solutions offer backup to local media such as a USB drive for a tape drive.

TudZu  v.1.02.0010

As you know you must protect your digital property but only an off-site service can provide regular and efficient protection.

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup  v.2.8.143

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup is a program that allows to backup and restore the settings and customizations of Internet Explorer. This program allows you to save the current Internet Explorer configuration and data.

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